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These are "field workshop/tours" where chasing light is the imperative. My first goal is to get you to the best locations at the best times to capture stunning images and second to assist you in the techniques required to get them. Since the best light is typically in the morning or afternoon, and depending on the workshop, we are often up well before sunrise and shoot until after sunset. During break times we will gather and review our images and I will offer critique and suggestions for editing. Also, post workshop image review, critique and editing techniques are included with my workshops.

If you'd like to learn how its done or just need a guide to safely get you there and back you should definitely contact me!

Groups are limited to only 6 participants ensuring a quality and relaxed experience. With less pressure you have more time for your artistic creativity.

Topics covered:

  • Learn manual control of your camera: aperture, ISO, speed controls
  • How to use Natural Light
  • RAW vs JPEG
  • Exposure
  • Composite image building techniques
  • Panoramic image techniques
  • HDR technique
  • Depth of Field
  • Composition
  • When & how to use filters
  • Hyper focal & Focus Stacking Techniques
  • Conceptualization
  • How to See in Black & White
  • Capture images now for your future editing skills
  • Equipment selection and use
  • Using your smart phone and tablet & software
  • Editing and printing techniques

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Custom Workshops:  Don't see what you're looking for? You might have an idea I want to do also! Contact me and I will plan it for you.

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New Workshops coming in 2016

Pacific Northwest Waterfalls
Washington & Oregon

Olympic National Park Washington

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SF Zoo Camera Walk
SF Zoo Camera Walk
Wednesdays 10a - 3p



"If you want to rent gear - may I suggest"


Eastern Sierra Fall Colors & Bristlecone Pines Photography Workshop

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors & Bristlecone Pines
October 2016

Point Reyes National Seashore  Photography Workshop

Point Reyes National Seashore
Saturdays 8am - Sunset

San Francisco  at Night  Photography Workshop

San Francisco at Night
Fridays 6pm - Midnight

Cataract Falls Photography Workshop

Cataract Falls
Sundays or Mondays 9a-3p


J Günther Photography is a professionally operated and licensed California company. Staff are trained in first aid/CPR and when appropriate obtain permits necessary to conduct business in Federal, State and local jurisdictions.